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“Credit. Man’s confidence in man. Commercial credit is the creation of modern times and belongs in its highest perfection only to the most enlightened and best governed nations. Credit is the vital air of the system of modern commerce. It has done more — a thousand times more — to enrich nations than all the mines of the world.”

Quoted from a speech by Daniel Webster in the United States Senate, March 18, 1834.

Bernard D’Orazio & Associates, P.C., is an established New York City-based law firm focused on large value commercial debt collection and judgment enforcement matters. Our practice extends throughout New York State and in the Federal courts. The firm is led by New York attorney Bernard D’Orazio, who is AV® rated as “Preeminent” in Litigation and Collections by Martindale-Hubbell.

Operating since 1991, our law firm has vast experience representing an array of creditors, including businesses, banks and other lenders, landlords, in cases involving commercial litigationdebt collection, and the enforcement of the rights of creditors. We assist attorneys in New York, from other states, and from other countries, enforce and collect upon money judgments.

We are renowned for our New York judgment enforcement practice, especially fraudulent conveyance actions and proceedings filed under New York’s Debtor and Creditor Law, Article 10. A fraudulent conveyance is a transfer of property by a debtor, usually without “fair consideration” and with actual or constructive intent to hinder, delay, or defraud a creditor. It is illegal for debtors to transfer property to avoid paying their creditors or to try to make themselves “judgment proof.” A court may, on a creditor’s application, invalidate a fraudulent conveyance or fraudulent transfer of assets and award other appropriate relief, including attorneys’ fees.

We operate our New York judgment enforcement and commercial debt collection practice from our magnificent “uptown” headquarters on two floors of a New York City landmark townhouse and from our long-time “downtown” office on Lafayette Street in lower Manhattan, where we maintain our war room.

Our New York collections lawyers represent clients in substantial matters concerning:

  • Collection of debts owed under personal guaranties, loan agreements, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, for goods sold and delivered, and for services rendered by law firms, accountants, and other professionals;
  • Judgment enforcement matters, including judgments rendered in cases involving personal injury, commercial disputes, medical malpractice, construction and other industrial accidents, and premises liability claims;
  • Post-judgment litigation and proceedings, including obtaining discovery from judgment debtors, banks, and other parties, motions and other applications seeking “turnover” or installment payment orders, receivership applications, wage garnishments, real and personal property executions, and contempt of court applications;
  • Actions to set aside fraudulent conveyances of real property and fraudulent transfers of money and other personal property, actions to impose liability on parties based on “de facto merger” and other successor liability claims, and actions to “pierce the corporate veil” and impose personal liability upon company insiders who have mismanaged their businesses and abused the corporate form;
  • Disputes arising out of breaches of contract and real estate deals and transactions;
  • Actions by independent contractors and others to recover unpaid sales commissions and consulting fees;
  • Proceedings to “domesticate” in New York judgments entered in other states, Federal courts located outside New York, or from courts located in foreign countries;
  • Trials and appeals in all state and federal courts in New York.

We provide our clients with aggressive, resourceful, and intelligent representation.

Our New York collections and judgment enforcement lawyers typically accept debt collection and judgment enforcement matters on a contingency fee basis (fee arrangements may vary depending on the nature of a particular case).

We review potential new matters confidentially and without charge. We do not have a fixed “minimum” value for new cases; however, we rarely accept cases involving amounts less than $100,000.00.

Our firm is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau®.

References are available on request. For more information, please contact our principal attorney, Bernard D’Orazio ( ), for a no-obligation review of your case or further information.

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